Self-Generated Content and Sextortion Awareness and Prevention

Self-Generated Content (sexting) sharing has become ever increasingly normative behavior for youth. This behavior can lead to Sextortion scams where offenders obtain explicit content and then pressure the victim to send money or send additional explicit content. Financial sextortion has become a significant danger for our youth, especially boys, and is often perpetrated by organized crime groups in Nigeria or the Ivory Coast. These threats can cause shame, fear and confusion and have led some victims to suicidal behaviors. This presentation will identify tactics used to target victims and will focus on awareness and preventive messaging to help provide protective factors for youth.

Dana Miller
Dana Miller is an Associate with the National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College.

Dana is a former Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Commander for the state of Wisconsin and she has worked extensively in education and harm prevention surrounding the online exploitation of children for almost fifteen years. Prior to this work, Dana taught post-secondary education classes for the University of Wisconsin Platteville's Criminal Justice program. She has a background working with local non-profits in sexual assault victim advocacy and collaboration within multi-disciplinary teams.

Online Sextortion: I didn't think it would happen to me
Online Sextortion: I didn't think it would happen to me
This is Sextortion
This is Sextortion handout
Esto Es Sextorsion
Esto Es Sextorsion
Sextorsion en linea
Sextorsion en linea
What's In It For You

Learning Objectives: * Define self-generated content and forms of sextortion * Explain sextortion tactics and their impact on victims * Identify self-generated content and sextortion prevention messaging

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    February 7, 2023